Not all the enterprises recieves a perfect answer from Google AdSense. Read this article and accept the advices we have to you.

The financial sector is flourishing, and so is the blogging industry. Many personal finance bloggers start out by offering money-saving tips and chronicling their own financial adventures. Some people’s experiences result in a prosperous business.

Many bloggers, when they begin their adventure of monetizing their sites, try in a failed chance, begining with Google AdSense. It is not always a good competitor for every blog due to it responds by a perfect way just for a limitted sector of market. You must find an advertising company able to supply your particular demands and boost your stats better than others.


There are hundreds of platforms that aim toward this goal, but not all of them utilize the same tactics. Finding the best ad network that will improve your website while also generating you money is a challenging undertaking in this sea of options. We recomend you creating a list with the characterictis of your finance blog, another with your objectives and finally utilize them to analyze the competitors.

As the market is full of companies fighting for catch the clients attention, we have done a careful research trying to sellect a short but trustworthy list of the top five alternatives to AdSense in order to help you in this way. We expect you could find the best corporation for you and reach the clouds as soon as possible. Read this list quitely.


MediaFem has been in business for a while and has worked with many different sectors and publications. It adheres to the concepts of a platform that is simple to use, personalised ads, and the highest level of online respect. It’s significant to note that MediaFem gives 70% of the respect acquired via its efforts to the page owners and just 30% to the company. It functions by analysing a website or blog using an algorithm to create a new campaign that users may join. You could be paid if someone clicks or scrolls on a poster code you copied and pasted from an advertisement publication.

When compared to other businesses, this one takes the most delight in providing content creators with top-notch material. It offers a genuine first impression and reacts fast to requests for advertising. By offering pertinent information and using easier methods than other ad networks, MediaFem has developed into the company it is today.


With a focus on bloggers, Monumetric is an advertising network that prioritises content producers and makes sure that the ads that appear on your website are both of a high calibre and pertinent to your audience. They accomplish this in part by communicating with their consumers personally and offering support as required.

With Monumetric, you are paid when visitors view the advertisements on your pages rather than when they click them. This is because the company employs a cost-per-impression model rather than a cost-per-click one. Monumetric makes up for the fact that impressions are less lucrative than clicks by running hyper-targeted advertisements.

The four monetization options offered by Monumetric, which are tiered depending on monthly views and increase your support level as your site expands, are another reason for its fame. Although acceptance requires at least 10,000 monthly page views, this is a lesser requirement than for some of the other networks on our list and may be reached by smaller blogs. Additionally, a $99 startup fee must be paid up front for websites with less than 80,000 monthly visitors.


Taboola is a well-known platform for content advertising that assists companies in reaching out to narrowly focused clients and boosting traffic.

It’s a useful tool for anyone looking to assess their publishing effectiveness and pinpoint areas for development. Additionally, you may divide your audience into groups based on things like region, technology, system software, and internet usage.

The first company to use contextual advertising was The service, which is run by Bing and Yahoo,

It is frequently referred to as the preferred AdSense substitute by publishers. You may anticipate to make around the same amount with‘s display and native advertisements for desktop and mobile as you would from AdSense.

As with other alternatives to AdSense, pay attention to the conditions for‘s acceptance. To be accepted, your blog must have excellent content and a polished, expert design. It’s also crucial to take into account the origin of your traffic because needs that the great majority of your users originate from the US, UK, or Canada. is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for a service that rivals AdSense in terms of functionality, value, and payment percentage. PayPal has a $100 minimum payout requirement, and monthly payments are issued.


Adintop is an advertising network company that provides trustworthy, distinctive, and affordable digital advertising solutions. Its solutions are made up of cutting-edge goods that fulfil certain publishing goals while also combining improved audience optimisation and are distributed through its channels.


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